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Image result for rambow bubble slimeThis is a pitcher of slime


Image result for weat wobbly jelly slimeThis is wet jelly wobbly slime


Image result for raimbow slime and coffee slimeThis is stretchy fluffy slime

  • Image result for raimbow slime and coffee slimeThis is rainbow slime


Image result for crunchy slimeThis is crunchy I just love fluffy and crunchy slime


Image result for galixy slimeThis is galaxy slime

favroit slimes


Image result for glow in the dark fluffy slime

This in glow in the dark galaxy slime its fluffy to.

  1. Image result for purple slimeAnd this is normal purple slime.

  2. Image result for purple slimeThis is just normal purple slime


Image result for pink putty slimeThis is  pink putty slime.


Image result for fluffy slimeThis is fluffy slime and it's so cool I will now show you what other favourite slime I love.

slime pitchers

Image result for fluffy slimeImage result for fluffy slimeImage result for fluffy slimeThis is slime my favroit thing i love is so much


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The Dodgeball rules:

1) If someone catches the ball the other person is out.

2) If the ball hits you anywhere but the head you are out.

3) Do not cheat in any shape of form.


How to play:

This game is a very simple but very fun game to play, but sometimes you could do with some instructions of how to play, so here they are.

1) There will be 3 or more balls in the middle, when the ref says go you will run into the middle get the ball and run back to you're base.

2)  Then with your ball you have the option to throw it or give it to a team member.

3) You can throw the ball and hit the opponent, if you hit them anywhere but the head they are out.

4) If you go over the centre line you are automatically out.

That is some information which should help you when playing dodgeball.

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